Complex Situation Advisory

Wagram Corporate Finance has tremendous experience in complex situations: shareholding, financial, restructuring, strategic... A team of senior bankers and strategic advisors is dedicated to bring tailor-made solutions to our French and international client base.

Atos, one of the largest IT services company worldwide, was operating an internal software and IT infrastructure training business which eventually appeared to become less relevant to the group’s main strategy. Thanks to Wagram’s expertise in advising global companies on complex perimeter adjustments, and following an organized auction process, Atos decided to carve-out the business and sell it to Xerox Learning Services, an internal division of Xerox providing training to more than three million of learners among 200 groups worldwide.

Wagram was exclusive sell-side advisor to Atos.

Wagram has organized a separation / spin-off, and a sale of the electric bike activities of Matra Manufacturing & Services (Lagardère Group) to Easybike.

Easybike, an electric bike manufacturer signed with Matra Manufacturing & Services the redemption of its manufacturing and marketing of light electric vehicles (bikes, scooters). The transaction involves the business, the whole stock, and is accompanied by a concession contract on the Matra brand.

Wagram Corporate Finance and its senior bankers have extensive expertise in advising global companies with complex situations i.e. non-core assets, loss-making activities, business units or parts of business units without defined perimeter.

Wagram was exclusive sell-side advisor to Lagardère.

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